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Renny White
24 Seneca Avenue
Rochester, NY 14621

Sizes Available
9 x 12 ID- 125 bags per case
12 x 16 ID- 75 bags per case
15 x 20 ID- 50 bags per case
For more information email robert@extrapackaging.com
Dimensions/Sizes are Inside Dimensions
Please contact Renny White for pricing


Our insulated envelopes are a lightweight, durable, thermal insulated envelope designed with a spacious payload chamber for your temperature- sensitive articles. Available in popular sizes, the insulated envelope can be used with or without standard overnight boxes for further protection. This envelope addresses the challenge of heat loss with its efficient insulation, reflective exterior surface, and virtually airtight payload chamber.
  • Insulation: The envelopes are insulated with entangled, multi-denier fibers in an air-still bladder that restricts the penetration of thermal energy and minimizes shock and vibration of the payload during transit.
  • Barrier: A multi-layered metalized exterior barrier composite minimizes heat loss by reflecting 97% of all radiant heat transfer.
  • Seams: Proprietary welded seam-sealing process creates an airtight, crush-resistant compartment with structural integrity.

For more information email us
Renny White
24 Seneca Avenue
Rochester, NY 14621

Now Available!

  • Tape: Closure tape is wide, tamper resistant and designed to maintain its integrity even when the envelope is packed in dry ice. It is also available with non-permanent, re-usable closure tape for recyclable applications.

Easy Packout Recommendations

For optimum results prior to packing, chill your payload and the envelope to the lowest possible temperature within your required temperature range. Refrigerant gel paks should be pre-frozen for 24 hours to maximize performance.

  1. Insert the product and refrigerant into the envelope.
  2. Perform double closure by:
    • Pinching/sealing the envelope along the inner zip lock, and
    • Peeling away the self-adhesive strip on the envelope flap and folding shut.